Central heating from infrared radiated heat

ERS Heatscreen: The complete heating
system for new buildings and renovations


Rapid installation, keeps walls dry and prevents mould!

Are you considering replacing your old heating system or seeking a supplementary heating system? This is a call to action for the ERS Heatscreen: The infrared panel comes in 3 different sizes, is easy to install, provides cosy warmth and is only 7mm thick. Especially advantageous for renovations: The infrared heat emitted behind the module keeps walls dry, so mould has no chance to take a hold.

New buildings

Reduces construction costs, no boiler and technical rooms required, maintenance-free!

Infrared heaters are perfect for new buildings. ERS Heatscreen heating systems eliminate cost-intensive extras and guarantee sustainable savings: The cost of investment in an ERS infrared heating system is low, no maintenance spaces are required, costly underfloor heating installations and earth excavations for heat pumps are eliminated, as are expensive maintenance fees for conventional heating systems.

Maintenance-free, long working life and energy-saving

Carefree heating with ERS

In crisis-prone times like these, ERS heating technology offers a cosy retreat. Our infrared heating is easy to install, maintenance-free, highly-durable and energy-saving.

The carefree heating system for your home!

Highly efficient in combination with photovoltaics

How high are the heating costs compared to other systems?


We compared heating costs for a 70m² flat. The graph shows how the overall costs per year are significantly lower than with other heating systems. The benefit that impresses the most is the initial outlay for a ERS heating systems: It’s a very small investment.

The advantage of ERS-Heatscreen compared to other heating systems: Electricity consumption readings can be taken from the electricity meter. Data appears in real time.

*Overall annual costs were calculated for a period of 20 years with operating costs estimated from yearly fuel and maintenance expenditure. Cost of investment was calculated using concrete offers. The estimated values were compared with actual recorded data.

4 model sizes, power & dimensions

Perfection in 4 model sizes

Can be vertically and horizontally mounted

Infrarotpaneel ist nur 7 mm dünn

Infrared panel thickness just 5-7mm


Nominal power in watts

Room size* 0 to 6 m²


Nominal power in watts

Room size* 6 to 10 m²


Nominal power in watts

Room size* 16 to 24 m²


Nominal power in watts

Room size* 24 to 34 m²


The future
of heating


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4 model sizes, controls and accessories

More power impresses

Four new dimensions of heating! The exact dimensions are based on the ‘golden ratio’, enabling screens of different sizes to combine perfectly with one-another. The very latest technology is paired with refined and simple design.

ERS Heatscreen


ERS Heatscreen Infrarotheizung Modelle

ERS Heatscreen

Controls & sensors

ERS Heatscreen Infrarotheizung Steuerungen & Fühler

ERS Heatscreen

Stands & accessories

ERS Heatscreen Infrarotheizung Standfuß & Zubehör

ERS Heatscreen

100% made in Austria


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kWp photovoltaics


% solar power



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