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Why modernise your heating system?

If your old heating system suddenly breaks down in the winter, a quick heating system replacement becomes a ‘must’. Save yourself the worry of the winter months and set aside some time for a comprehensive consultation. It makes sense to inform yourself about a new heating system sooner rather than later.
The average Austrian heating system is around 20 years old, and many systems no longer meet current standards. Annual maintenance, heat loss and high energy costs can eat a big hole in your pocket. A system’s susceptibility to failure increases with age, as does the probability of a complete breakdown at some stage.

Which heating system is right for us?

Homeowners are usually deterred from replacing their heating system by the immense cost, effort and inconvenience of replacement. Sometimes, replacement becomes an unavoidable matter of urgency. However, if you choose the right system, replacing the old heating system can be realised cost-effectively, efficiently and very quickly – without the additional costs and inconvenience of major invasive structural changes.

Our expert advice page puts you in touch with extremely experienced partners who will help to find the best heating system renewal solution.

What are the advantages of ERS heating?

The greatest benefits of this heating system lie in its simplicity. Installation of our heating is a quick procedure for a single-family house. All that’s needed is a mains electricity connection and the heating is ready for use, so old oil and gas heating systems can be replaced with very little effort.
Heating system replacement is particularly easy if you run a night storage heating system, as all requisite resources are readily available, and even the old control unit can usually be used.

ERS heating saves energy and money.

If heating your home in combination with a photovoltaic system, you can almost achieve a neutral CO2 emissions status. There is no annual maintenance or servicing expenditure for these 100% made-in-Austria heating systems. Local partners and short transport distances ensure our system is an all-round efficient purchase.


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Highly efficient in combination with photovoltaics

How expensive are these heaters compared to other systems?


We simulated the comparison of heating costs for two identical 70m² apartments. The graph clearly shows that overall annual energy expenditure is significantly lower with ERS than with other heating systems – and the initial cost of investment for ERS heating systems is a key stand-out benefit.

Advantages of ERS Heatscreens compared to other heating systems: The electricity meter makes precise consumption data available in real time.

*Overall annual costs were calculated for a period of 20 years with operating costs estimated from yearly fuel and maintenance expenditure. Cost of investment was calculated using concrete offers. The estimated values were compared with actual recorded data.