ERS Heatscreens in new buildings

Save on construction costs,

no space required for control and service infrastructure, maintenance-free!


Especially when building a new house, it’s always difficult to know which heating system to choose. ERS infrared heating plays an increasingly important role in newly-erected buildings. It’s an ideal choice as the main heating system for a new building. ERS Heatscreen is the smart heating solution.

Advantages of ERS in new buildings

  • Low cost of investment. Eliminates the necessity, effort and expense of a great deal of installation work, such as invasion of floor structures, excavation and trenching.
  • Economic due to low running costs.
  • No space taken up by junction boxes, switch cabinets and boiler rooms.
  • Innovative combination with photovoltaics.
  • No transmission loss due to plasma process.
  • Maintenance-free
Wohnzimmer mit ERS Infrarotheizung

ERS Heatscreen: The infrared heating system

Low cost of investment
due to proven infrared heating system

No elaborate assembly and installation work

Pipes are laid throughout the house for conventional central heating, space, devices and mains hook-ups are required, too. ERS Heatscreen infrared heating eliminates this installation work, including the costs of material and labour. There are no heat generators to take up space, as only the heating elements actually need to be in the room. All that’s needed is a conventional mains socket to operate an ERS Heatscreen. The costs of ERS infrared heating systems are significantly lower than those of conventional heating systems.


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Efficient and regenerative heating

Inexpensive heating system, especially for modern houses with low energy requirements


Nowadays, infrared heating is the cheapest and most efficient means of heating houses with low energy requirements, and the fact heat is generated by electricity plays no role. The significantly higher costs of investment for all other heating systems – for materials and installation – mean that heating with ERS Heatscreen generates savings from day one.

ERS infrared heating passes the price test in comparison, even without photovoltaics. If there’s already a photovoltaic system installed, homeowners can even heat more cheaply than with a direct heat pump. The strongest argument is that owners will remain independent of rising fuel costs in years to come.

Our partners for electric appliances are specialised in the use of infrared heating in new homes and commercial buildings, and are happy to help you plan and execute your building project.

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Aussenansicht moderner Neubau

Economical and sustainable
heating with ERS Heatscreen

Heat with infrared from now on to save on running costs!

If you’re going to save, then do it right! When heating with infrared, it is important to be sure the infrared panels are correctly dimensioned to maximise heat radiation. Economical heating can only be guaranteed if the heat can radiate freely into the room.

The hot water supply is ideally provided by a heat pump boiler. In the long term it makes good sense to supplement the system with an electricity storage photovoltaic system. Homeowners who follow this advice from the start for heating a newly-built house will enjoy high-quality, economical and maintenance-free heating with pleasant and healthy warmth.

Photovoltaics & infrared heating

The future of energy
self-sufficiency is electric

Wohnhaus mit Photovoltaik am Dach

Innovative and economical: Infrared and photovoltaics

If you plan a new building, the installation of a photovoltaic system for infrared heating is the very best way of saving on fuel costs in the long term. The electricity for infrared heating comes straight from the sun, ecologically and independently. Regardless of how high electricity prices rise, homeowners enjoy complete market independence. If a solar power storage unit is also installed, the electricity it produces can be used all day.

Wohnhauses mit Infrarotheizung und Photovoltaik