ERS infrared heating for building renovations

Quick installation, keeps

walls dry and prevents mould!


A ERS Heatscreen requires very little space, installation is simple, quick and dirt-free. There’s no chiselling or cutting recesses, the cost of investment is low, no maintenance is required, all surfaces radiate an even temperature, walls are kept dry and new space is freed up by eliminating the need for boiler cupboards and fuel storage rooms. ERS infrared heating is an efficient and immediate means of warming rooms and the people in them, while consuming very little power. ERS infrared radiant heating is ideal as the main heating system for older buildings.

Advantages for renovation:

  • Prevents mould
  • Drives moisture out brick walls
  • Quick installation – no cutting or chiselling recesses
  • Space-saving aesthetics
  • Smart design and click-in system allow the system to be extended at any time
  • Smart controls and easy handling
  • Maintenance-free
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Dust and dirt-free installation in just 15 minutes!

ERS infrared heater installation was a major point of focus during development. It’s simple, quick – in just 5 to 15 minutes – and is dust-free. No chiselling or ripping out pipe channels.

The first step is the mounting of a stainless-steel wall bracket with 3 screws and washers, after which the panel is slotted on and clicked into the bracket.

The second step is to link up the smart home control unit to the panel, either or via remote radio control. Simple installation means rooms can be upgraded very quickly at any time.

ERS infrared heaters are an efficient means of preventing mould and drying out walls

The ERS Heatscreen's unique layering technology radiates infrared heat, both into the room and towards the wall to which the panel is mounted. The substance of the building warms up, moisture dissipates and walls become dry.

Mould thrives in the dark, in high humidity and cool temperatures. Initially, it develops deep within the wall. Once it is well established there, it spreads to the surface and leaves dark stains. These can only be removed superficially with chemicals.

Hazardous moulds remain in the substance of the wall. If the wall is permanently heated with an infrared heating system, the heat penetrates deep into the wall, humidity is reduced, the temperature rises, the wall dries out and the mould is deprived of a viable habitat.


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Smart heating control

Install, plug in,
set parameters, heat!


Controlling ERS infrared heating is simple. Heating to the desired temperature is achieved in a short time, so no complex programming is necessary. The desired room temperature can be programmed via a thermostat. The panel switches on and off accordingly, fully automatically, whether you choose a plug-in thermostat, conventional room thermostats for wired connections or radio signal remote-controlled thermostats. Allow one of our specialists to advise you on the right choice of thermostat for you and your home.

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Service advice for questions concerning renovations!

Countless questions arise during the renovation of an old building: Can ERS infrared heating be installed as the main heating system? How should ERS infrared heating be dimensioned? Where is ERS infrared heating best installed and how is it controlled most efficiently?

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3. Full service for implementation, installation and initial start-up

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