Infrared heat rediscovered

Infrared warmth radiates pleasantly like the heat from the sun or a Danish stove


What could be more soothing than the warmth of the sun or a Danish stove? The ERS Heatscreen radiates with a surface temperature of 95°C. The infrared heater works most effectively with a quartz glass / ceramic combination, also used for glazed stove tiles. The relatively small panel surface radiates enough heat to warm the opposite walls. To achieve maximum power, depending on room size there’s a choice between 3 different panel elements.

Infrared radiates heat evenly into the entire substance of a room, without drying out the air. Energy is also saved as the personal comfort temperature level is lower with infrared. As warm as a stove, as efficient as the sun.


Frau genießt auf der Couch die Sonnenstrahlen, trinkt dabei Tee und ließt ein Buch.

Infrared radiation - a pleasant feeling of warmth


Infrared is a natural radiation encountered in everyday life. The largest source of this type of radiation is the sun – without a regular dose of which there would be no life on earth. Infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye. However, it generates a pleasant feeling of warmth in contact with the skin. Modern control technology and lower room temperatures required with infrared heating lower costs significantly compared to other systems. Energy is converted directly into heat without transition loss.

Effects of infrared radiation

Deep heat goes beneath the skin. The energy of the infrared rays is absorbed by the outer layer of the skin, passing into the body as heat energy through the blood vessels in the skin – from where it is quickly distributed throughout the body via the blood.

How healthy is infrared radiation?

Rays emitted by an infrared heater are comparable to those of a stove. They are longwave rays that only penetrate the first 0.3mm of the skin. They cannot be compared to harmful rays, such as UV rays or X-rays. On the contrary, infrared heating actually has beneficial effects:

Enhances blood circulation

The radiant heat dilates the vessels and improves circulation.

Clean air for allergy sufferers

Since the air molecules are not moved by infrared radiation, dust, bacteria and animal hair are hardly ever shifted by air currents, so allergy sufferers and asthmatics can breathe easily.

A healthy indoor climate

Infrared heating creates a comfortable feel at lower air temperatures, so air remains fresher and occupants suffer from fewer colds.

Mould prevention

Our infrared heating radiates both into the room and back into the wall. The radiated heat helps the walls remain dry, preventing the growth of mould spores.

Elegant design and perfect technology for beautiful interiors

We offer supreme quality as a matter of course, and also care about elegant design. Not only does your new infrared heating system provide the best heating, it’s designed to align with the latest trends in home interiors, too. ERS Heatscreens are timeless, and available in 4 sizes – so there’s one to fit every room.

The technology involves a very special plasma process that ensures molecular fusion of heating layers (less than 1mm) with the carrier material. The structure of the panels guarantees loss-free heat emission to the front and rear. Heat via the smart control at the push of a button and enjoy the radiant warmth immediately!

Infrared radiant heat as central heating

ERS Heatscreen:
The modern heating system


ERS infrared heating technology provides a complete heating system for the whole house, whether you’re refitting an old house or building a new one.

Innovative technology and combination of special materials unite to ensure the ERS Heatscreen differs significantly from other infrared radiators.

ERS infrared heating is the intelligent alternative to all the other existing heating systems, such as gas heating, old electric radiators, night storage heaters, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, oil, pellets, screwed-on or glued-on infrared units, central and wood heating.

Infrared heaters save time, money and space. Boiler rooms, combustion units, annual maintenance appointments and the purchase of heating materials are all a thing of the past!

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