Photovoltaics & infrared heating

The future of energy
self-sufficiency is electric


A photovoltaic system combined with infrared heating provides an excellent, sustainable and efficient heat generation solution. Solar-sourced electricity generated by a photovoltaic system is used directly for infrared heating in this combination. In contrast to conventional gas or oil-based heating systems, infrared heating does not produce emissions, hence contributes to environmentally-friendly heat generation.



Save on electricity costs and increase energy efficiency

Combining photovoltaics and infrared heating has many advantages, especially with regard to energy efficiency and saving on electricity costs. The two systems harmonise perfectly! Solar power generated electricity is put straight into use for infrared heating, so energy is consumed efficiently. Furthermore, power storage enables solar-generated electricity to be used when the sun is not shining and when demand for electricity is greater than the output the sun is currently generating.

Feed-in tariffs accelerate photovoltaic system amortisation.

Surplus solar electricity not used for infrared heating or energy storage can be fed into the public power grid. As providers of renewable energy, homeowners receive a feed-in tariff. This can vary depending on country and region, providing additional income and accelerating investment amortisation on the PV system and infrared heating infrastructure.

Innovative and economical:
Infrared and photovoltaics

If you plan a new building, the installation of a photovoltaic system for infrared heating is the very best way of saving on fuel costs in the long term. The electricity for infrared heating comes straight from the sun, ecologically and independently. Regardless of how high electricity prices rise, homeowners enjoy complete market independence. If a solar power storage unit is also installed, the electricity it produces can be used all day.

Combining a photovoltaic system with infrared heating produces an efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution for heat generation. It guarantees a long-term return on investment and can make a valuable contribution to the energy transition.

If you are considering installing a photovoltaic system, contact our experienced partners at Alentim GmbH Alentim GmbH for help with planning and installation. This is an investment in the future and a contribution towards the protection of our planet.

There are clear advantages in combining infrared heating with photovoltaics:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Energy cost savings
  • Reduced dependence on electricity suppliers
  • Property values increase


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