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New buildings:
Reduces construction costs, saves space, cost-effective, maintenance-free


ERS heat screens provide an ideal central heating system, especially in new buildings. Construction expense is reduced because there is no costly, dirty and time-consuming installation work, masonry channelling or earthworks. There is no need for technical cabinets or boiler rooms; running costs are low and an ERS Heatscreen is virtually maintenance-free.

Infrarotheizung von ERS.

New residential building


80 m2   I  Project 2019  |  8 ERS Heatscreens

The residential unit of a building erected in 2007 was fitted with ERS infrared heaters in 2019. The 80m² of living space were completely refitted, and the remaining residential units in the building were equipped with ERS infrared heaters in 2020.

Badezimmer mit Infrarotheizung und Handtuchtrockner.

New solid wood house


156 m2   I  Project 2018  |  11 ERS Heatscreens

This new solid wood house was built in 2018 and immediately fitted with 11 ERS Heatscreens. The screens in each of the rooms in the 156m² house are controlled via an app. This infrared heating is an ideal form of central heating for the entire house.

Flur mit ERS Heatscreen S.

New residential complex in Lower Austria


50-100 m2   I  Project 2019  |  56 ERS Heatscreens

This residential complex in Lower Austria is heated entirely with ERS Heatscreens. The wired individual room control provides complete comfort and convenience. The need for hot water was solved by installing a boiler.

ERS Infrarotheizung in einem Wohnhaus mit 4,5 m Raumhöhe.

Newly-built home


100 m2   I  Project 2018  |  12 ERS Heatscreens

The new house was built in 2018 and fitted in part with ERS infrared heaters. A 100m² area consisting of a living room, dining room and kitchen – at a room height of approximately 4.5m – is heated with ERS Heatscreens. The family is very satisfied with their new heating system.