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Old buildings:
Fast, simple, dust-free, space-saving


ERS heatscreens are the perfect heating system for old buildings. Damp spots and mould are frequently discovered in old walls. ERS heat screens generate heat, dry out damp walls and prevent mould. ERS heat screens save space and, when renovating, do not require pipe channels to be gouged out of the masonry.

Sanierung eines alten Bauernhauses mit ERS Heatscreens

Old farmhouse


300 m2   I  Project 2017  |  24 ERS Heatscreens

This old, uninsulated, 300m² farmhouse was equipped with ERS Heatscreens in 2017. The owners are now delighted to be saving 40% on operating costs, and to have dry walls. Individual room control via app.

Sanierung Altbau Fitnesstudio mit 10 ERS Heatscreens

Old gym


300 m2   I  Project 2021  |  10 ERS Heatscreens

This old, uninsulated solid brick building was converted into a 300m² gym. Since 2021, 10 ERS Heatscreens have guaranteed ideal room temperatures and banished mould forever.

Wohnraum mit ERS Heizpaneele

Old terraced house


90 m2   I  Project 2019  |  8 ERS Heatscreens

In 2019, the old electric radiators were replaced with 8 ERS Heatscreens in this concrete-built terraced house. The temperature is controlled in each individual room via an app.

Ölheizung wurde gegen ERS Infrarot Heizstahler getauscht

Renovation of an old residential complex


220 m2   I  Project 2020  |  21 ERS Heatscreens

This 220-m² apartment complex was renovated in 2021. The entire oil heating system was replaced with ERS heat screens. Hot water is provided by a heat pump boiler. The temperature is controlled in each individual room via an app.

ERS Heatscreen im Essbereich

Old residential complex


100 m2   I  Project 2020  |  5 ERS Heatscreens

Old flats and housing projects are often equipped with night storage heaters. The old furnaces in this uninsulated brick-built property were removed and replaced with ERS Heatscreens in 2020. The temperature is controlled in each individual room via an app.

Infrarotheizung im Wohnzimmer.

Old residential building complex with gas heating


124 m2   I  Project 2020  |  11 ERS Heatscreens

This old complex was completely converted from gas heating to ERS infrared ‘Heatscreens’. Compared to the cost of the old gas system, residents are now paying less for their heating, and the mould problem has been completely eradicated. Wired individual room controls are linked to an app for full functionality and convenience.

Einfamilienhaus wurde mit ERS Infrarotheizung ausgestattet.

Old detached house


120 m2   I  Project 2019  |  12 ERS Heatscreens

Built in 1970, this house was equipped with ERS infrared heating in 2019. The 120m² living space was previously heated with a heat pump, switching over to the new ERS infrared heating system after renovation. The family is very satisfied with the new and easily-controlled heating system.

Altbau Zweifamilienhaus mit Infrarotheizkörper.

Old house accommodating two families


200 m2   I  Project 2018  |  12 ERS Heatscreens

This building was built in 1982 and was fitted with ERS infrared heating in 2018. The heating system for the 200m² two-family house was also renewed after conversion. The occupants are very satisfied with their ERS infrared heaters.

Altbau aus dem 17. Jahundert mit ERS Infrarotheizstahler.

17th century building


100 m2   I  Project 2016  |  12 ERS Heatscreens

The 17th-century building was fitted with ERS infrared heaters in 2016. The old 100m² clubhouse was built with very thick stone walls. Prior to the installation of ERS infrared heating, there had been damp and mould in the walls, and rust found on exhibits. These problems all disappeared with the changeover to the new heating system.

Altbau mit ERS Infrarotheizung voll ausgestattet.

Renovated residential house


208 m2   I  Project 2015  |  12 ERS Heatscreens

The house, originally built in 1980, was completely fitted with ERS infrared heaters in 2015. Previously, the 208m² residential building had used electric ceiling heating. On top of the ERS infrared heating there is a tiled stove to provide an additional heat source in this timber-frame building.

Santiertes Wohnhaus komplett mit ERS Heizung ausgestattet.

Renovated residential house


128 m2   I  Project 2014  |  12 ERS Heatscreens

The old apartment building was fully equipped with ERS infrared heaters in 2014. The 128m² building has a 30-cm brick wall without any other insulation.